Frequently Asked Questions

General is a Gospel music sharing and discovery platform. We are passionate about helping gospel artiste share their music professionally and helping fans connect with artistes and engage with other fans. Read more about us.
Artistes sign up for free, set up their profile and upload their music. They can promote their music on their personal websites by copying the embed codes of our widgets and pasting it to their website. Artiste are given a platform not just to share music, but also to build a fan base.

Fans on other hand can download the music of their favorite artistes and discover new ones as well. Fans are given a platform to engage with other fans and stay connected with their favorite artistes by "following" them and getting email notifications each time these artistes they follow release new songs.
It costs your head on a golden platter. Naah, just kidding. It costs Nothing, Zilch! We may eventually add some premium features, but the basic function of - Gospel music Sharing and discovery - Will forever be free.
Beyond providing artistes with a download link - Which is quite easy to do, everybody does that - we seek to provide artistes with a platform to build a fan base. We imagine an artiste's profile as an extension of that artiste, so we want them to be able to share their whole music catalog through just one URL. We also want artistes to share their music by themselves without having to go through the hassles of contacting us before sharing music. We want to make music sharing as casual as anything.
We are consumers of music as much as anyone else, and so we know what Fans want. The music world is a noisy place, fans need a place where they can get easy access to music, as easy as accessing a friend's Facebook post. so we provide a platform for fans to get that much access to the artistes and music they love as fast as possible before they get distracted by the usual noise of the music world.
We'd love to have anybody that makes or loves gospel music and that agrees to be bound by our Terms of use and Privacy policy.

If you are an artiste and have any recorded music that you have the right to share, you can sign up for a free account and select the account type "Music/Band". If you love music but not an artiste, sign up for a free account as well and select the account type "Music Fan". simply go the registration page and choose the appropriate account type.
Well, you choose:

The Artiste/Band accounts are allowed to share music, follow other artistes and fans. While the fans accounts are not allowed to share music. both account type can discover, stream and download music for free.
As an artiste, after signing up, it is very important to set up your profile, write a captivating biography, upload a profile picture and upload a couple of music for your fans. This shows you are a serious artistes and encourages fans to hit the follow button when they visit your page.

As a fan, you get the most out of when you follow people. This stops your activity feed from being boring and empty. Set up your profile and add song to your library by favoriting or downloading songs.


As many as you can record and as many as you have the right to share. I mean, there's no limits.
One thing we are really passionate about is to make the upload experience/process as seamless as possible. So we will work hard to make the waiting time as short as 1 minute.
We usually verify accounts we trust will not share music that violates our terms. So when we discover a fully functional account with at least 5 songs that have not violated our Terms of use, We consider it for verification.
We support mp3 files only.
Absolutely! with, you can upload a song today and release in the future. All you need to do is to set the release date to a future date and time on the upload page. The song will be hidden from the public until the specified date and time, and immediately it drops, an email notification is sent containing the link to each of your followers.
Nope, That is against our Terms of use. If you do that our system automatically rename the song to your Stage name as specified when registering. Encourage your friend to create and account in his name and upload his songs.
Yes, but it is the responsibility of the artistes to pay necessary fees and royalties to appropriate parties associated with the original song.
Please upload at least 400x400 jpeg for your cover. Regardless of the quality, please make sure your cover is perfect square to prevent our system from cropping your album art/song art.
Well, you should!, your artwork is pretty much a part of your music. It is the first thing your fans see that attracts them. You need a song art to upload your music on
Yes you can. When providing information about the song at the upload page, uncheck "Show download count to the public". You can change that later by going to the music edit page.
Yes. However, you'll want to tell your record label about and let them sign you up. All copyright will need to be handled by your record label.
Contact us ASAP via to resolve any copyright infringement. Please read our Copyright Infringement Report Page for more information. has the non-exclusive right to distribute your music. You can revoke that right from by deleting your songs.


Yes you can. Please Contact us for more information.


Oh sure! We'd love to hear from you, Please drop us a line at .