Lisa Wunmi
August 19, 2017

Just this week. I’ve had two close friends each lose someone dear to them. And to be honest, there are so many unanswered questions…
Why did God let it happen? Were prayers not made the right way? Did something go wrong somewhere? Was there something, anything, that should have been done that wasn’t? *sigh* Questions without answers are the hardest of them all. It reminds me of Job’s story in the Bible, I can’t imagine how many questions were running through his mind. Job a righteous man, suddenly afflicted by all manners of misfortunes and desolations. Why me Lord, he must have asked(and he actually did). Few things I have learnt about tough questions and when life throws you situations that make you ask “why”.
1. These situations would come and with them questions. This is a given. Jesus speaking in John said ‘In this world you would have trouble but take heart, I have overcome the world’. As a Christian, know that life would not be one big party always. Situations would come that would make you ask questions. Tough questions. If it hasn’t happened to you yet, well, wait for it.. It mustn’t be something as sad as losing a loved one, it could be a situation that you have prayed for for so long that is still tarrying. And then you wonder…why?
2. Its okay not to have all the answers. The truth is that we are quite limited, as long as we are in the flesh, we would be privy only to the information & revelation that the Holy Spirit exposes us to per time. We therefore do not have all the answers. Its allowed.
3. Its also okay to have questions! You would hear people say ‘don’t question God’, like He is one stern school master with a whip whom no one dares to look in the face. Excuse me, He is my Father, He is your Father. You have the privilege of asking Him questions. You don’t understand? Ask Him.
4. Be vulnerable to Him. Open your heart, tell Him you’re hurting, don’t act like the pain isn’t real and if you pretend enough, it would go away. No it won’t. Be real with Him, tell Him how you feel. If anyone can heal you, its Him. If anyone can help you, its Him. He’s the river of life, He is life. Don’t run from Him. Run to Him. Even when you dont understand..
5. Judge Him faithful. This is actually the most important because every other thing depends on it. You have to first believe God truly loves you. Not figuratively but a living and active love. His heart beats for you, He delights in you. The devil puts thoughts in your mind like: ” If God loved you…” Please silence that voice. GOD LOVES YOU. He created you for that sole purpose; to have a love relationship with Him.
Secondly you have to believe God is good. All the time. Every time. Its His nature. He can’t be anything else. Its the devil that is evil. Its the devil that causes sickness, disease, poverty, suffering, pain & death. When you understand this, you won’t be fighting God. The devil is the real enemy. And praise God that Jesus defeated him and his ultimate doom awaits him. But as long as men still give themselves over as agents to him, evil would keep existing.

So like Job, we have a limited view, all he could see were the trials and temptations but in the background, it was a case of God boasting about him. Wherever you may be, whatever you are going through, know that God is on your side(as long as you are on His side) and you may not know how but He would cause light to shine out of that darkness. “Why?” Because its His specialty.

He inspires, I write..Its that simple.

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