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To Every Man His Own - Blog

To Every Man His Own

Lisa Wunmi
February 24, 2018

Every man is different. ‘Man’ in this context meaning ‘humans’. Each finger is different in length and size even though they are all categorized as fingers. We have been assigned different giftings, responsibilities, opportunities and pathways in life. All ultimately should lead to the Father of course, but every destiny is uniquely crafted. No person has the same DNA in this whole wide world. That in itself is a powerful statement. It is an indication that we are all unique.. yet alike. A paradox indeed.

This stretches out also to the way we respond to issues, the way we perceive situations & our viewpoint of life. I can assure you if everybody writes on this topic, none would be exactly the same. We are different. Some people are fans of PDAs, some are not. Some people lead private lives, some are ‘privately public’ while some love the limelight 24/7. I have friends who are not on Facebook. Some were, closed their account and left. Some have never been. Are they enlightened? Yes. Infact one isn’t on any social media platform except WhatsApp (which took some convincing). By the way the individual is studying for a doctorate degree abroad so its not a case of illiteracy. every man his own. Find your place and shine. Whenever you are tempted to compare, condemn or feel intimidated, remember nobody has your DNA. Na only you ooo. If you don’t do you, who will?

He inspires, I write..Its that simple.

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