The Future Is Bright…

Lisa Wunmi
October 19, 2017

The future is bright..or is it?

This is a regular phrase everyone throws around. My future is bright. The future is bright. It seems comforting but lets delve deeper.

Lets start with ‘The’ and ‘My’. These are definitive articles. ‘The’ shows something specific-that future that has been talked about, hoped for, prayed for. ‘My’ shows possession. Individualistic. Personalized. ‘My’ future says you already have a future PLANned out. This simply means you take responsibility for ‘the’ or ‘my’ future being spoken about.

Then the second word; ‘Future’-not the musician. What exactly is ‘future’? 5mins from now is future but chances are you’ll still be doing what you are right now. So is ‘future’ a different scenario? Or is it a buildup of seconds, minutes, hours, days?
Ask yourself.

Then the key word: ‘Bright’. Oh so bright. Shining. Dazzling. Aided by Light! Seeing the picture?

In essence, to boldly say “The future is bright”, you have to
1. Take responsibility
2. Do things differently to create different and better scenarios as compared to where you are today.
3. You need to be aided by the agency of Light for that ‘SONshine’ effect.

Remember; An object at rest stays at rest and an object in motion stays in motion with the same speed and in the same direction UNLESS ACTED UPON BY AN EXTERNAL (or internal) FORCE. -(Newton’s first law of motion).

The future is bright!

He inspires, I write..Its that simple.

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