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Simplify your life - Blog

Simplify your life

Lisa Wunmi
January 24, 2018

Life is simple- This is one of my favorite cliches.

Life is indeed simple, we are the ones that make it seem complicated. It shouldnt take you years of running round in circles to figure out this short yet profound truth. We can be so caught up in to do lists, goals, achievements, pressures, expectations, demands, I want to, I need to, I have to, I must..that we forget what the most important thing live. Just take a deep breath..& live.

Everything doesn’t have to be perfect, you don’t have to have it all figured out. Its okay to have some loose ends. Dont go through life competing & trying to live up to people’s expectations thereby putting yourself under undue pressure. Its a personal race. Stop comparing and complicating your life.

God runs the whole universe yet He is not stressed in anyway. There is always peace & joy in Heaven.

So biko, ‘de-stress’, ‘uncomplicate’, scrap out unnecessary things. Life odikwa simple. Laugh more, play more, goof around more, all your over-seriousness has not put money in your pocket or paraphrasing Jesus; ‘Your height don increase?’ Dont grow old before your time! Be like a child. Enjoy every moment. Cast your cares on Jesus. And live. Please live.

Enjoy your family, make good friends, take a stroll, count the butterflies, appreciate nature, eat some chocolates, take goofy pictures, travel, write, sing, dance, be thankful, give more, love more, be kind, rejoice and be glad! Everything is working out for your good. No matter what you’re going through, God’s got you!

Just take a deep breath…and live!

He inspires, I write..Its that simple.

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