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Share your Music on in 3 Easy Steps - Blog

Share your Music on in 3 Easy Steps

May 6, 2017 launched on 25th March, 2017 and we’ve seen awesome signup rate and downloads on the site. One of the core focuses of the site is that we want to make music sharing and discovery as easy as possible. We intend to do this by giving back the artiste the right to share and manage their music by themselves without having to contact any third party by making the upload process as intuitive and seamless as possible, easier than sending it via email to any third party. From the feedback we have been getting, I believe we have done that to a large extent. However, even with an awesome platform in place, some artistes still find it difficult to upload their music. That’s what this post will be addressing.

So I will share the 3 basic steps you follow to upload your music on This post assumes an artiste has already registered with If not, kindly Visit the registration page to get started. It?s quite easy. So let’s get into these steps.



After login into the site, which ever page you are on, you should see an icon of your profile picture on the navigation bar at the top of the website. If you are on a mobile device, it is just by the right side of the logo. Clicking that icon opens up a user menu. From that menu, click “Upload Music”.


After clicking the “Upload Music” from the user menu as described above, you should be taken to a page where you provide details of the song you want to share such as the song art, the song title, featured artiste(s), Producer(s), release date and time, etc.

TIP: One awesome feature of is that you can schedule song releases. This means you can upload your music today and set the release date and time to a time in the future, and our system will hide the song from the public and release it at the exact date and time specified.

To release the song immediately, leave the release date and time as it is. To schedule the release of the song, select the date and time you want the song to be released when providing the details of the song you want to share. Awesome huh?!

When you have provided the details of the song, Click “Continue”.



After clicking “Continue” from the previous page, you should be taken to a page where you will select the song you want to share. Once you select the song, just relax as the system does the rest of the work for you. Please note that we only support mp3 files at the moment.

If you left the release date and time as it is when providing the song details on step 2 above, the song will be reviewed by the admin and once it is approved, you will get an email from us containing the link of the link. Usually the reviewing process takes about 1 ? 10 minutes. Please note that certain artistes can upload can upload their music expressly without us reviewing it; these are artistes we trust will not upload songs that will violate our terms of use.

When your music is up and running, you can always access them from your profile under the “Tracks” tab.

To have the best user experience possible, please do not use Opera Mini, and make sure you have a strong internet connection. Please ask your questions below.

Let?s change the world with music.

I want to make people closer to God by making God-centered media contents readily available to them. I intend to do that by creating awesome platforms like

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