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No Limits! - Blog

No Limits!

Lisa Wunmi
February 9, 2018

Let me start with this : There are no limits in life except the ones we impose on ourselves or that we allow others impose on us. Every broken record was once thought to be an impossible feat, every mountain was once considered insurmountable.

Listen to this carefully; Everything Is Possible. People have walked on water, walked through walls, floated on air, even rose from the dead. These are considered supernatural impossibilities but they happened. Now let’s come down to the natural. Gravity was once the final authority until the Wright brothers invented airplanes, then came space shuttles that can completely escape gravitational pull and enter a state of weightlessness. Dont let anyone deceive you. There are no limits. That its not been done does not mean it can’t be done.

The human soul is capable of achieving whatever it puts it’s mind to. And it is grossly inferior to the human spirit. The recreated human spirit is made in the image of God and nothing is impossible with Him! Dont allow life put you in a box. Dont allow the world tell you ‘This is how far you can go and no further’. Dont get beat down. Dont lose your faith. Dont let your current situation or challenges define you.

Enter into the realm of God where impossible is nothing. Dont resize your vision to accommodate the mediocrity of others. Dont rein in your dreams & goals because you want to make others with none feel comfortable around you. Nope! Blow it completely out of proportion. There are no limits!!!

He inspires, I write..Its that simple.

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