Major on your major

Lisa Wunmi
September 11, 2017

Uche is a young chap who loves cooking. He can make a sumptuous meal with few ingredients. But he is ashamed of his talent. Cooking is for ladies. Football is where the money is. He doesn’t have the flair for it, he keeps playing anyway. It’s been years yet he has never scored a goal and of course no one wants him on their team anymore. He feels like a failure. Don’t be like Uche.

Ronke is an artist. She can paint a drawing to life, she’s that good. ‘Painting? Who still does that?’ her Mum asks; ‘Wasnt that just a passing subject in elementary school?’ “Who painting epp”? Her friends snicker. So she ditches it and goes to catering school, then beads-making school, then sewing school. But late at night she brings out her tools, paints and puts it under the bed. She leaves it there gathering dust and tries to excel at what she has no interest nor passion for.

We come across these scenarios daily. Some of us are even real-life examples. Don’t ditch your passions for what is popular or what seems to be more income-generating. Major on your major. Do what you have a flair for. Forget the crowd. God made you unique for a reason. You would short-change yourself and the world if you don’t let the giftings and talents in you find expression. Do what you love and become so good at it that people would appreciate (& pay) you for it. That’s how to be relevant. That’s how to fulfill purpose. Every one has a gift. Find yours.

He inspires, I write..Its that simple.

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