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What Do You Need? - Blog

What Do You Need?

Lisa Wunmi
November 18, 2017

He’s all you just don’t know.
Nothing else satisfies..thought to let you know.
Man is in search of many things;
Fame, fortune, relevance, recognition, happiness, wealth, leisure, luxury, hope, purpose, love.
These things exist. And these things are legit.
But they don’t satisfy, no they don’t.
They are like pockets with holes,
It keeps filling but it never fills up.
Because what is in you resonates with eternity.
You were created in the image of an eternal God.
So temporal things can’t satisfy,
No matter how hard you try.
Ask the movie star who committed suicide.
Ask the comedian suffering from depression.
Ask the Beauty queen that has been married and divorced several times.
Ask the teenager doing drugs.
Why not spare yourself the struggle and go straight to the source?
The Source of it all.
Why drink water and thirst again when you can live in the stream & the stream in you.
Why waste your time going round in circles when you can hit the bull’s eye.
Why join the rat race when you can cut the chase & go for the prize?
Because truly He’s all you need, you just don’t know.
Nothing else satisfies, thought to let you know.

He inspires, I write..Its that simple.

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