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Do It Well - Blog

Do It Well

Lisa Wunmi
December 16, 2017

Life has been programmed to reward excellence. Whatever you do, do it well. You sing? Be THE singer. You write? Be THE writer. You bake? Be THE baker. You paint? Be THE painter. Whatever it is, be THE that thing. Give it your all. The Good Book says : Give yourself wholly to it that your profiting may appear to all. We usually do things halfheartedly and wonder why we dont excel. No one likes half-cooked meals. If its worth your time-which is directly proportional to your life-then give it your best shot.

Whatever your heart isnt into, dont bother doing it. Be it a relationship, career or business. If you cant give your all, dont give at all. This is the principle of succeeding.

Some people have natural abilities but dont bother fine-tuning it. Sooner or later it becomes rusty and they are no longer as good at it as they were. Its like the parable of the talent custodians in the Bible. Those that improved on theirs were given more, he that didnt lost everything. Nobody uses crude oil in its natural state, we need it refined into PMS or kerosene.

Work on yourself, do what you gotta do and do it well. Even nature fights stagnation. Ever heard of the law of atropy? Any muscle you dont use loses its flexibility and functionality.

Enough said, whatever you have to do, dont just do it, do it WELL.

He inspires, I write..Its that simple.

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