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Say NO to Comparison! - Blog

Say NO to Comparison!

Lisa Wunmi
March 22, 2018

Comparison is one of the top causes of depression. You measure yourself with what someone else has or doesn’t have, what someone else is doing or not doing. And you fall short. Of course you will. Because we don’t always measure fairly. In science, a hypothesis cannot be drawn except when the specimens have been subjected to STP(standard temperature and pressure), in other words, same atmospheric or cultured conditions. Meaning test tube A & B must have been exposed to the same nutrients or treatments to correctly draw results or differences in outcomes.

Back to us. We tend to compare ourselves with people under different atmospheric conditions- strengths, opportunities, skill-sets and experiences which if given same situation, you might have excelled better. Social media doesn’t help much. You log in and see people supposedly making progress and having the time of their lives. Well, hope you know that people ONLY post what they want you to see and ONLY project what they want you to think or feel about them (be it the reality or not). A smiling picture doesn’t always mean a happy person.

Never use others as your yardstick. Be content. Be happy with your lot. Improve yourself. Become better at what you do. Pursue your vision. Stay where God has placed you..and grow! Don’t limit yourself by comparison. The plans God has for you are mind-blowing! You don’t believe me? Ask Him! This doesn’t in anyway nullify the need for mentors and role models. By all means, Admire and Aspire but don’t compare. Your destiny has only your name on it. You’d better get to work!

He inspires, I write..Its that simple.

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