Adeyi Seth - All I Want Is You

Adeyi Seth - All I Want Is You

About Song

Adeyi Seth, All I want is you” is not only a song, but also a prayer, an expression, a cry of heart. We all experience several challenges at some point in life that make us doubt the strength we really have in God. This song is my conversation with God to tell him what only the heart has the right words to say and no one can ever understand, but God alone can satisfy you until you achieve peace. I pray that you will find strength in God and maintain a better relationship with Him when you listen to words inspired by this spirit. No more dying in silence, no more pain from Satan, no more circles, no more addictions. Instead, however, we can say that “God is all I need in this life for my victory and peace.”
Track's Comment

Bishop Bright
He set the dawn in time and founded the pillars of the earth and they've since remained. That's why my daily song is; ALL I WANT IS YOU. Thanks Seth, for yet another thrilling piece. Greater heights dearest one.
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