ItsICONofficial - Not Afraid

ItsICONofficial - Not Afraid
Dee Kay

About Song

This song is the voice of the voiceless. There's not enough a reason for any genocide. The north east and the middle belt regions of the heartbeat of West Africa have experienced ethnic cleansings in form of attacks by so called heardsmen. Not afraid tells the narative as balanced as it could be, they may have been attacked, murdered and looted, but they are not stupid. Theres a loud silence over what is going on, we together can break the siege set against priceless human lives. They have a voice. If we don't speak up they will. The world is only made worse off when we the good people choose to remain silent.
Track's Comment

James Brown
Epic. Can't belive this is nigErin. Up nija
Awesome?? More grace????????
This Is Super Awesome. Wow!
The song is awesome. It's on repeat on my phone. Just can't get enough of it. Love Love Love
Cynthia Alex
Cynthia Alex
This is one of the best things that has happened to me this year
Cynthia Alex
Maxwell Ani
Dorathy Manga
This is my current ring tone. It has a special effect on me. I'M NOT AFRAID
Russel Grant
I really love the rap. Didn't quite get the other language but it's an amazing song.
Bimbo Adedeji
Everyone needs to get this song. Nigeria needs to hear this
Yusuf Tijani
We will not be afraid. The church cannot be silenced. We are matching on and herdsmen will not prevail
Mariam Babale
Renin ya isa
Free Bone
Nice one
Grace Achetu
Simply amazing
Philip Pam
What do you think about this song?great song, and at the right moment. renin ya isa
Amazing Amazing nothing is too hard for our God so we cannot be afraid ????????????????GLORY!!!
Gideon Gokat
very nice song.. keep it up