Adeyi Seth - God Made Me So

Adeyi Seth - God Made Me So

About Song

I believe it's about time that the body of Christ set aside the acts of mediocrity, and be who God has made them to be.. Setting up standards in various fields of the world.. That's mighty enough to compel men the way of God even without speaking a word to them, just by your results. (Zechariah 8:20-23) but how do we achieve this if leave our part of the whole mission to God and sit back idle letting the world standard make the call on our behalf. There's a deposit in you develop it, pay the right price of sacrifice and faithfulness to attain your best, develop your gift.. Cos a future awaits you.. God made you unique.
Track's Comment

This song is touching. God made me so, am who I am I can't be someone because God made me so
Bishop Bright
Am special, am unique, am different, am a new breed all but for one reason; God Made Me So. Thank you Seth for this awesome piece. Greater heights dearest one.
Nku Mathias Ushang
All the songs is so powerful, am short of words now but all I can ask from God is more grace, unction and passion as well to set his angles on his part all time. You shall not fail God, your family and your generation, keep it up men. I love you dear Seth.
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